Friday, October 1

Seven Day Slump

. Friday, October 1

So here we go with the first of a new weekly feature set to run every Friday (Until I forget/ can't be bothered). Hopefully the list below contains something you like, something you hate and something you're not quite sure about yet. To me, it's just the best and most interesting things I've seen online in the past seven days.

  • Friendly Fires and Azari III teamed up to record some music, are giving away 'Stay Here' for free.

  • John Legend and The Roots did a cover of Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up'
  • Jamie xx revealed his first solo single, Far Nearer
  • In the world of remixes, Four Tet reworked The xx whilst Diplo got his hands on Deerhunter's 'Helicopter'

  • Justin Timberlake showed his rap chops with this run down of Hip-Hop history with US chat show host Jimmy Fallon.

  • Yuck debuted their epic new single 'Rubber'. Stream it below:
  • New York's finest lined up to cameo in the new Duck Sauce video for irritating/ catchy/ dumb Barbra Streisand.

    Img: Tyler Smith



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