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. Wednesday, September 29

The Heartbreaks are a very old fashioned band in more ways than one. For a start they're an unashamedly open indie band. They don't hide by diluting their sound with another genre, their sound is made up of jangly guitars and anthemic choruses last heard circa 2006. Hailing from Manchester, the four piece will receive numerous Smiths comparisons but their sound owes far more to the polar geographical points of Glasgow (Orange Juice) and London (Elvis Costello). They've claimed in interviews to be too young to have properly lived in the eye of both The Libertine's and even Arctic Monkey's stratospheric rise to the top of the indie disco scene but in lead singer Matthew Whitehouse they have a sweet and slender icon in the making.

His deep baritone soars above his band mates aged but classic rhythms in a way that is likely to cause as many girls wanting to mother him as it will have frothy pints spilling from their gig friendly plastic cups. And there in lies the catch with The Heartbreaks. Where they could be another Frankie & The Heartstrings full of literate references and iconography however, you can't help feel that The Heartbreaks may follow their hometown predecessors and become The Courteeners smarter cousin or, God forbid Glasvegas mk. 2.

Far be it for me to predict the future, The Heartbreaks have already released two singles one of which was through Fierce Panda's new imprint so their credibility is strong for the time being. If the same can be said as they hype rolls in, the label offers hit their doorsteps and a series of dates supporting Carl Barat (oh dear) subside then we will see.

Still, any band who sing about small town escape and the drudgery of it all with an air of passion, romance and intelligence will always do for me.

Check out The Hearbreaks latest single now and be sure to pay them a visit on Myspace.



Anonymous said...

oh god no, this band is terrible!
i think i heard Zane Lowe playing them early in March or something.
And it's getting big :/

Anonymous said...

What the world is waiting for! I've seen them live a few times and they are amazing. Great songs that will send them all the way......... Fantastic.

Tobs 89 said...

Yeah love these, saw them in Leeds last night. Gonna be massive.

Liberteener said...

Saw them in Middlesbrough, great energy and far more aggressive sounding live than on record. i for one cannot wait for the next release.

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