Monday, September 27


. Monday, September 27

There will come a point at which the hazy, dream like aesthetic that is en vogue in 2010 is going to tilt over from laid back to horizontal. Hoping to give the smudged edges a sharper sense of clarity are Echo Lake, a band who mask their spikes amidst clouds of fug and icy detachment.

Using distortion as a glacial spear, Echo Lake to a cold punk squall and blend it with heart-swelling pop sentiment coming out with a mongrel sound equal parts beauty and brutality. Unike so many bands, what Echo Lake use to bury their charms is just as interesting as what lurks beneath. Take a listen to 'Young Sience' to hear the the pastel shades in amongst the hissing sting.

Having formed at University, the London based five piece are currently unsigned but have a host of Capital gigs lined up including dates with the likes of Still Corners and Abe Vigoda, you can find a full list of dates and more press cuttings over at their Myspace.



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