Monday, September 27

The Dawn Of A (slightly) New Era

. Monday, September 27

So, as mentioned a few weeks ago this whole blog thing is a bit tricky for me at the moment given that I am no longer unemployed (yay) or gifted with lots of free time (boo). So I'm revamping the format of Boring By The Sea a little bit so I can still post regularly but in more depth than the last few weeks. Basically I want this to be a place to find something new and hopefully come away with a clearer idea or a fresh perspective on a band and avoid the bottomless echo of buzz band's and virals that blogs can easily become as everyone re-hosts the same video, MP3 or stream.

So, from today there will be three posts a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The first two will be profiles, they could be new bands or just acts who are about to release albums/ EP's/ singles that I want to shine a light on. The last post of the week will be a round-up of the week in music packed full of links and tracks.

The first band to kick this 2.0 version off is London's Echo Lake who I hope you all enjoy...

David x

P.S. If you're interested in my new job then please visit to catch a glimpse of me selling out and should you care for my writing then pay some attention to my journalism portfolio over on Tumblr


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