Wednesday, June 30

Klaxons - Echoes

. Wednesday, June 30

When 'Flashover' lumbered into view last month two and a half years held breath seemed slightly wasted. Clunky and over thought it felt like the sound of zero progression and a worrying hint at what forthcoming album 'Surfing The Void' might hold. 'Echoes' however kicks all those kneejerk reactions straight into touch, delivering Klaxons most anthemic moment to date. For many this bands pre-occupation with space, myths and philosophy can be a distraction but the dark forces come good here, 'Echoes' is positively stratospheric and is surely set to be one of the years most played tracks: festivals slayed, crowds surfed, amps broken. To hear the song make like it's 2007 again and head over to the Modular Records website.


Illia said...

it's a hit and it's hot

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