Monday, March 8

We Are The World

. Monday, March 8

Last year I went to see Fever Ray and like so many people was totally won over by the visuals of it all. Musically however I wasn't quite so keen, it felt like the power of the image wasn't backed up by anything as strong or striking in the other departments. Much like Fever Ray LA 3 piece We Are The World are a band who know how to create a world around their music. Unlike Fever Ray however their music is imbued with a sense of urgency and directness. Honestly, if you're not a fan of a band who look like this...

Then you're no friend of mine.

To sample the delights of We Are The World then there is the free download of Fight Song below and the video for future single Clay Stones.

MP3: We Are The World - Fight Song
We Are The World @Myspace



Breaking More Waves Blog said...

I love this track - it's minimal, dark and pounding and just the sort of thing we would want to hear on a big night out. We blogged them a couple of months back

and thought there would be more interest in the UK than there has so far, so I'm gald someone else has picked up on them.

The You Tube footage of their live shows looks pretty exciting as well.

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