Monday, March 8

Gorillaz - Stylo (Labrinth remix feat. Tinie Tempah)

. Monday, March 8

When was the last time we had a good number one single in the UK? Rage Against The Machine aside it's been a while but Tinie Tempah changed that yesterday. 'Pass Out' was meant to be a low-key release by the London rappers label to gauge public interest and create a buzz. Little did they know that it'd go straight to the top of the charts, beating the likes of Rihanna and UK rap forefather Dizzee Rascal.

In other chart based news Gorillaz release their brilliant new album today. I said pretty much all I have to on Plastic Beach in this track-by-track-guide for DrownedinSound but to sum up - it's very good and you should definitely buy/ download/ stream/ steal it ASAP.

Now these two powerhouses have combined courtesy of a Labrinth remix. To hear Tinie Tempah lining up alongside Bobby Womack and Damon Albarn then use the box below to stream and download the track.

Gorillaz - Stylo (Labrinth remix Feat. Tinie Tempah) by BoringByTheSea


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