Monday, February 22

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach: Track by Track guide

. Monday, February 22

So, a few weeks ago I went along to a little warehouse in London to hear the latest Gorillaz album. It was a really great way to hear the record as there was a huge model of 'Plastic Beach' as well as 6ft+ pictures everywhere by the uber talented Jamie Hewlett. I was sworn to secrecy about what I heard until today but have written up a track by track guide for Drowned in Sound.

The levels of security around Plastic Beach are on another level. I was searched and scanned on the way in, had to sign various contracts and am pretty sure had I spilled the beans on what I heard then an animated horse head may have turned up on my pillow. The wait is over now though. I'm not posting the piece here as it's a bit lenghty so visit DiS to take a look at what I make of it all.

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach: Track by Track guide


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