Tuesday, March 9

VIDEO: The Drums- Best Friend

. Tuesday, March 9

I still don't quite know how to take The Drums. Since I first heard this song it's grown on me a lot but there is still a sneaking suspicion that something great is lacking. I have heard about half of their forthcoming debut album and it's definitely shaping up to be a sound track for the Summer.

The Drums are a band who live and die on melody and hooks. Once they get you then there is no escaping them, from 'I Felt Stupid' to this new single the band have the knack of getting into your brain well and truly down. I caught two songs at their NME show in Brixton and they played as if they were headlining. I can see them being like The Killers, one great song (I Wanna Go Surfing is their Mr Brightside) but having a string of similarly great tracks to back it up. Sure, they're over styled to the point of ridicule and have a dodgy past but in a scene overrun with boring lift music and bands so new you can't blink lest they spawn an offshoot to whet bloggers appetites it's nice to see a band of four guys strumming guitars and breaking hearts.


Anonymous said...

soo gay. but funny!

Cool And Bored Girl said...

It's kind good what you said about The Drums. I really enjoy their music and they make me remind of something weird about The Smiths in 21st century. I have to say that "Best Friend"'s video is weird and gay but I still enjoing them. And about what you said "playing like they were headlining" I have to say that,yeah, they were not headlining but if they felt they are good enough for play with The maccabees, The Big Pink and Bombay Bicycle Club, they're like quite importants.

Greetings from Ibiza :)

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