Friday, February 12


. Friday, February 12

What do we know about Yuck? Well, for a start, a couple of them were in Cajun Dance Party a few years ago. Rather than this being a 'Oh wow, well they're not cool then' disclaimer I actually think it's interesting to draw the line from 'Amylase' or 'Next Untouchable' melodies and sense of pop to what Yuck are making now. Massively (and I mean really huge) influenced by a stock amount of bands this London band are making lo-fi alt.pop that sounds rooted in the back catalogues of bands like Dinosaur Jr and The Shop Assistants. Conversley by making very retrospective music they make themselves sound current and slot nicely alongside the likes of Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and big blog crush Veronica Falls.

Original they may not be but the 3 tracks Yuck have made available so far show that they might just be the most compact and pure band to emerge from the C86, hyped up blog melee in quite some time.

MP3: Yuck - 'Georgia'
MP3: Yuck - 'Automatic'
MP3: Yuck - 'Sunday'

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