Friday, February 12

Words with... Vivian Girls

. Friday, February 12

Vivian Girls are tired and it's clear to see. “We played a show last night and haven't really slept at all” they apologise as soon as arriving. They haven't eaten either so burgers and steaks are immediately ordered. “We just spent all day getting tattooed by our friend” says bassist/ singer Katy. All three of the girls are freshly adorned with cartoon cats in tribute to the band Yellow Fever who are signed to the Vivian Girls own label 'Wild World Records', “All their songs are about rats or cats so we decided to get the cat done.” says guitarist Cassie.

Punk to the bone (literally, the band have Germs burns) Vivian Girls have made a big impact since they emerged just a few short years ago. Their rise has been both and old and new fashioned. Old in the sense that they press 7” singles, tour the world alone in a van and operate in a alternative music bubble the likes of Fall Out Boy can only read about in books by Henry Rollins. They are no throwbacks though and have reached corners of the globe unavailable to bands in the past through a strong presence on music blogs and distributing music online. Catching up with them in London the Girls are wearily approaching the end of a UK tour, “We visit the UK a lot actually. We love places like Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow and we have a lot of friends in London so it's always great coming here. We'd come here a lot more too if we had a UK label so hopefully that is something we will work on for the next album.” says Katy. The band are indeed working on new songs but admit they're finding it hard to write on the road. “We have some songs written and a few recorded back home but we don't think the album will be out until at least the end of the year maybe even later”

Talk turns to British bands the Vivian Girls grew up with and the table unites in it’s love for The Smiths. Having met Johnny Marr last year I tell the Girls how the legendary guitarist was actually talking about them during a Gigwise interview and praising them. A slack jawed look hits all three members of the band. “Johnny Marr knows who we are?” says Cassie. At that moment something very strange happens. Exactly as Cassie says the words ‘Johnny’ and ‘Marr’ the bar in which we are sitting’s stereo kicks into life, playing ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable now’. “Oh my God, that is the weirdest thing ever.” Says Katy as if our minds have taken control. “I can’t believe Johnny Marr has even heard of us never mind that he likes us, I can’t wait to tell people that.” It later transpires that The Cribs have asked Vivian Girls to support them on many occasions, something which schedules have not permitted but that all three girls are keen to arrange.

From The Smiths the chat moves onto Drew Barrymore and her new film ‘Whip It’ which the group are all hoping to see. As questions subside however food arrives and three hungry band mates tuck into their first meal of the day. Noticeably perking up with each bite the band are engaging and funny. They are on tour entirely alone, sleeping in fans flats and driving themselves around the country. As the interview ends the band disappear into the night to smoke and/ or tend to freshly born tattoo pains. Later that night the band take to the stage, putting in a killer performance including a beautiful a-capella Chantel’s cover version and a riotous run through of ‘Tell The World’. Banishing any previous feelings of fatigue the girls show everyone the true sound of the underground.


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