Monday, February 15

Kate Nash - 'I Just Love You More'

. Monday, February 15

Reinvention is one of the most poisoned chalices in music. If you fail to change your style whatsoever then the critics will sharpen their knives on words usually reserved for Oasis but beware, should you change too radically then any grasp on credibility an artist has will loosen almost immediately. The latest name to tackle the assault course of change is Kate Nash who last week released her Riot Grrl inspired new song ‘I Just Love You More’. Emerging in 2006 Nash hit the number two spot with her single ‘Foundations’ and caused a resurgence in young girls wearing tea dresses and people saying the word ‘Bit-tah’. Clearly influenced by Regina Spektor’s off kilter folk tales and chintzy piano Nash capitalised on what Lily Allen started and released her album ‘Made Of Bricks’, a collection of suburban teen girl diary tales sung with an endearing but affected cockney accent.

Three years on from the release of her debut however and Kate Nash is back and channelling names such as L7, Bikini Kill and, as some message boarders have suggested, Linoleum. Much like the Spektor styling’s of old ‘I Just Love You More’ feels closer to it’s influence than is perhaps comfortable, particularly to any fans of Sonic Youth’s ‘Death Valley 69’. It is however a brave move and one as intriguing as it is curious. It remains to be seen if people will accept this new look however working in her favour is the fact that the current scene is one which looks kindly on musical makeovers. Dev Hyne’s successfully transformed from a neon clad party metaller in Test Icicles to becoming a cuddly folk troubadour in 2007 whilst emo band Fighstar have picked up hordes of fans despite lead singer Charlie Simpson being a former member of boy band Busted. In a world where so many complain that artists are not given enough time to grow or develop by success hungry executives the musical equivalent of Extreme Makeover can still go horribly wrong though. Just ask anyone who listened to Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell’s ill advised fory into the world of R’n’B on his Timbaland produced auto tune nightmare ‘Scream’ or this years ‘Rebirth’ by Lil’ Wayne in which one of the most exciting rappers of his generation bizarrely decided to start making late 90’s nu-metal.

It seems unlikely that the ATP attendees who hold Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore close to their hearts will look kindly on Kate Nash’s newest venture. But isn’t part of pop music about dressing up and playing make believe? In a world fractured into a million attention grabbing moments the idea that someone carving ‘4 Real’ into their arm to prove their authenticity seems increasingly irrelevant. Yes, Kate Nash has tackled a few sacred cows but by over hauling things she has at least taken a risk and there is surely nothing more credible than that.

‘I Just Love You More’ is free to download now from Kate Nash’s website.


Rick_Moreno_ said...

That title makes me cringe.

I guess I cringe at the thought of Kate's new album too.

You liking the song?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

The trouble is would your typical ATP / Sonic Youth loving ever give Kate Nash the time of day ? Maybe if they didn't know it was Kate Nash, but if they do then music snobbery may kick in even before they have heard a note.

All credit to Kate for doing something different (reminds me of Huggy Bear) The single however is very pop - kind of 60's pop meets surf garage guitar with typical Nash-esque piano and Allen styled vocals / lyrics - and could quite possibly see her back in the charts again.

Rick_Moreno_ said...

So true. Snobbery does kick in when it comes to names. I feel bad, I could of well been considered a snob there.

Too change my ways, I just joined her mailing list to get the mp3.

Safe to say, a top 20 chart position is on the cards because of her name alone. After namesake, I may say that is her best song less a couple of her singles perhaps?

Certainly creates intrigue for music writers like yourself in regards to her next record.

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