Tuesday, February 16


. Tuesday, February 16

You know, I'm all for floaty and beautiful music but sometimes it's nice to lift up rocks and see all the grime scuttling about underneath. Little Girls, hailing from Ontario in Canada, are a suitably dirty band. De-tuned and distorted they pile guitars on top of guitars sending one skittering riff off to tackle another before they all fall down laughing and rolling.

When not covering Beach House or releasing singles on the inimitable Captured Tracks Little Girls are keen bloggers. Their blog, Little Thrills, is a great place to keep up to date with the band as well as tap into their influences through a deluge of Youtube videos they post including Usher, Wire, J Dilla and Tears For Fears.

Take a listen to 'Youth Tunes' and see what you think...

MP3: Little Girls - 'Youth Tunes'


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