Friday, December 11

Exclusive Footage Of Lumina's New Video

. Friday, December 11

Hey, remember earlier in the year when I talked about Lumina? Well exciting things are afoot for the Horrors/ Ipso Facto spin off.

Aside from supporting Muse on tour with The Horrors Faris has found the time to direct a video for the Lumina cover of Black Lips 'I'll Be With You'.

Thanks to and Vodafone360 you can go behind the scenes of the Lumina shoot and see Faris (Badwan, one half of Lumina with Cherish Kaya formerly of the now defunct Ipso Facto)'s ideas for the video, how it came about and a sneak preiew of the stunning video itself.

To watch the rest of the video visit

To watch interviews, previews and more see below.

MP3: Lumina- 'I'll Be With You'



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