Friday, August 14

Free MP3: Lumina- 'I'll Be With You'

. Friday, August 14

"Lumina started as something I was messing around with at home - I'd been getting really fixated on making electronic recordings that sounded human and warm, all the sounds were made with synths,"

The result is this Black Lips cover, set to feature as a b-side to the forthcoming Lips single 'Drugs'. Teaming up with ex-Ipso Facto and sometime member of Florence's Machine Cherish Kaya the track is an eery drone with a hypnotic understatement. To download it for free click the link below.

Lumina- 'I'll Be With You'

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Anonymous said...

Lumina is amazing! thanks so much for putting up the free download!

Anonymous said...

really quite brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Only just found out that this song existed. So haunting, can't stop listening to it.

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