Friday, December 11

Your New Favourite Band: Egyptian Hip Hop

. Friday, December 11

Manchester is a funny place. To all intents and purposes it's an upwardly mobile city with all the shops, cafes and bars you could wish for but there is one thing letting it down still and that's it's music. Telling you how the city lives under a shadow of Gallagher proportions is not exactly news but in recent years there hasn't even been a viable contender to remove the landfill indie sounds from the North Western streets, until now. Alongside the super-series electro of Hurts and Everything Everything's brain-pop line up the frighteningly young Egyptian Hip-Hop.

The four piece might look like they have an average age of about six but don't hold that against them, this is a band with ideas lurking underneath their messed up hair. Speaking to Gigwise they say that their dream gig would be “At the Deaf Institute in Manchester with Talking heads headlining and Battles, Pivot and us as support with Daft punk and Late Of The Pier as DJ's. With all our good friends and favourite band members in the audience and maybe some on-stage collabs with Ariel Pink, Gary Wilson and Tay Zonday.”

The band have links with Manchester's past (Johnny Marr taught guitarist Nick some Smiths tunes) but they are firmly facing the future of the city- no looking back. “Oasis's big iron grip keeps pulling Manchester down into their terrible depths of repetitive and horrible song writing. Who knows though? These next few years might mean a change. the 'scene' is looking good at the moment.”

Finally a word on that band name. Already past the stage of ridicule the boys don't care what you think of their name and certainly hope it doesn't get in the way of you enjoying their music. Plus they've heard some Hip Hop from Egypt and have a recommendation of their own, “Egyptian Lover the Egyptian hip hop DJ is pretty bad ass. Well kinda silly actually, it's cool though”


Chris said...

These guys are doing a tour with Is Tropical should be really awesome. Tour details here.

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