Tuesday, December 8

Esben and The Witch- 33

. Tuesday, December 8

Forgive me for ignoring this band for so long. I finally got around to downloading '33' over the weekend and want to share it with you ASAP.

Similar in a vein to touring buddies The XX but with an eerier edge Esben... call to mind Bat For Lashes, Portishead and P.J Harvey.

The Guardian's Paul Lester said it best when he described the band as making,

"Quietly disturbing sonic fables"

As I'm feeling lazy I think that sums the bands music up very nicely indeed.

You can download the E.P '33' from this clever little widget below (note to all: Bloggers love widgets) and enjoy.

<a href="http://esbenandthewitch.bandcamp.com/album/33">(abstract) by Esben and the Witch</a>


Popbleat said...

Been absolutely pounding the crap out of the EP over the last week. Can't believe I went so long without finding it.

Was so disappointed when they didn't make The Sound of 2010, but I'm sure their inevitable album next year will be a bit of a masterpiece. If they can do to me what they did over five songs, I'm ridiculously excited for a full LP.

Jack said...

(ehy can somebody upload me the ep? They signed for Rough Trade and the five songs seem not to be downloadable anymore)

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