Wednesday, December 9


. Wednesday, December 9

Sometimes I wish I didn't feel the need to talk about music all the time and could spend my life writing about TV instead. One of my current favourite shows (Besides the AMAZING Dexter) is Glee.

The show starts in the UK on E4 next week and I'd urge anyone reading to give it a go. It takes the witty and subversive nature of something like Mean Girls or Election and mixes it with huge musical guilty pleasures like 'Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and Rihanna's 'Take A Bow' performed by the cast.

It also has one of the best new tv characters to emerge in ages in Sue Sylvester (The 40 Year Old Virgin's Jane Lynch)

The show starts at 9pm on Tuesday December 15 on E4 or if you're an internet clever clogs then Sidereel will be your eternal friend. Watch the trailer below.



Anonymous said...

I'm still unsure on Glee, but did you see the finale of Dexter? No spoilers, but OMFG. Best ending ever... ever?

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