Thursday, July 2

Jamie T- Sticks n Stones EP

. Thursday, July 2

"As I travel down the track all my memories flood back/ We were running like infantry men back to your mamma's flat/ It's the only place but home I feel relaxed enough to crap/ I know it sounds crude, but there's something in that."

Jamie T returns in inimitable form with his first new material since 2007's genre defying 'Panic Prevention'. Billed as an EP 'Sticks 'n' Stones' is essentially a single with 3 B-sides, there is no concept or idea here, just the usual classifier headache brilliance. The title track is a playful romp full of youthful vigour, lost romance and drunken antics. It's a furious and undeniably fun romp. Elsewhere we get an insight into the long awaited second Treays album on the beautiful yearning of 'St. Cristopher' and the januty (not always a bad thing) 'On The Green'. It all descends into chaos at the end however as Jamie channels the spirit of Gogol Bordello on the skanking 'The Dance Of The Young Professionals', only Jamie T could get away with it and he scrapes through by his fingernails.

So Jamie, all well and good but can we have an album now please?



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