Wednesday, July 1

For The Record: June

. Wednesday, July 1

June has seen two of the years most hotly tipped new artists release their debut albums alongside a return to form for Regina Spektor, a giddy romp from The Answering Machine, middling efforts from Gossip and Kasabian and a wildy experimental and intrguing record from White Denim. Winner by a country mile however is Future Of The Left, a record so raw and viscious it sounds like a pack of dogs chasing Derek Vinyard into a wood chopper.

Little Boots- Hands
Kasabian- West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Gossip- Music For Men
La Roux- La Roux
Future Of The Left- 'Travels With Myself And Another' (Album of the month)
White Denim- 'Fits'
Regina Spektor- 'Far'
The Answering Machine- 'Another City, Another Sorry'

Download these.

Little Boots- 'Stuck On Repeat'
Ksabian- 'Underdog'
Gossip- 'Heavy Cross'
La Roux- 'Fascination'
Future Of The Left- 'Arm Eritrea'
White Denim- 'Regina Holding Hands'
Regina Spektor- 'The Calculation'
The Answering Machine- 'Lightbulbs'

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