Thursday, July 2

Blood Orange

. Thursday, July 2

In terms of side projects and unofficial material Dev Hynes must be amongst the most prolific in the game right now. His accumulative discography would dwarf acts who have been around twice as long and he's launched yet another project. Blood Orange is a lo-fi lounge pop outfit, not a million miles from Lightspeed Champion but one that reigns in that latters tendencies. In traditional Dev style a track has already been given away for free. 'Said No' is a spooky and sparse stream of conscious that showcases delicate vocals and a whole load of interesting guitar work. On his blog Dev says that a Blood Orange album is due after the release of the second Lightspeed Champion record which is all recorded and ready to go later this year.

Scale of achievement for Dev Hyne's musical projects.

'Circle. Square. Triangle'>>>>'Heart In A Cage cover>>>>> Lightspeed Champion>>>>> everything else Test-Icicles did>>>>> Greeen Day covers EP ft. Florence>>>>>>> The 2 covers albums>>>>Blood Orange>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 'House Sitting Songs' and the album he wrote and recorded in a day.

It's a very large and varied collection of work.

Download: 'Said No'
Blood Orange Myspace


carlos said...

i love dev and i didnt even kno about this.
this site is my music heaven.

Anonymous said...

dont forget "Lightspeed Heat" (Collaboration with the band "Whirlwind Heat")


# "I Wrote And Recorded This In Less Than Five Hours" August 2007
# "Garbageband Xmas EP"
# "Album In A Day 2"

Anonymous said...

I love dev, thanks for pointing this out.

Outroversion said...

so weird like i was lying in bed earlier and heard it's getting boring by the sea by blood red shoes for the first time, I wrote it down on my arm as i was about to fall asleep and before I did I read Dev had a side project called blood orange, I googled that and came here. Isn't that mental?! Like i'm so confused how this happened.

Outroversion said...

I then blogged about this event-

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