Thursday, June 18

Bloc Party- 'One More Chance'

. Thursday, June 18

Bloc Party return with another one off single with 'One More Chance' (joining 'Two More Years' and 'Flux' as interim album singles). Another foray into disco floor filler territory it sees a 90's house vibe taking over with a simple but effective piano line piercing throughout then being joined by the flat pack beats and buzzing guitars now synonymous with the band.

It's not a WTF? moment like 'Flux' or 'Mercury' were on their first play but with more emphasis on melody and that damn catchy piano it's another success for Bloc Party. Minor flaws being that they are becoming close to a pastiche of themselves with almost indenti-kit material and Russell Lissack seriously needs to vary his guitar playing, has it ever sounded remotely different?

Plus, as Zane Lowe says, every Bloc Party single is a part of musical history.

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FalconFoxx said...

A safe, average BP song, doesn't push the boundaries too far but it is VERY catchy. I love the piano part, it sounds very different to how BP have used the instrument in the past. They seem to be trying to get a club-type vibe for the song, but I really yearn for the Silent Alarm days....still damn proud of them though!

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