Friday, June 19


. Friday, June 19

2009 hasn't really had enough stoner style My Bloody Mary Chain type bands has it? Thank God then for Crocodiles who are here to fill the Wavves/Crystal Stilts/School of Seven Bells shaped hole in the music scene. Jokes aside Crocodiles might not be the most unique act in the world right now however they are a more polished and dancefloor friendly version of the aforementioned. Named by No Age as one of their top tracks of 2008 Crocodile's 'Neon Jesus' takes fuzzy guitars and dirty feedback and feeds it through a disco beat and fluorescent synths to create the sort of music that makes people who 'don't dance' want to cut a rug immediately. The duo (Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez) recently released their debut album 'Summer Of Hate' through Fat Possum (Dinosaur Jr, Andrew Bird). In 9 tracks and 33 minutes it features the likes of new-wave stomp 'Soft Skull', a Cramps-esque 'Flash Of Light' and the JAMC melody thieving 'I Wanna Kill'- some would call it an homage to the Reid brothers 'Automatic' single 'Head On', others might want to see Crocodiles turned into designer handbags for their thievery.

Crocodiles are currently touring their reverb drenched dream pop across America with Holy Fuck before releasing a mouth-wateringly exciting split 7" with Pens, Graffiti Island and Dum Dum Girls stateside. UK fans can look forward to a small run of dates next month including two in London at The Old Blue Last (July 12th) and Barden's (August 4th) with shows in Dublin and Cardiff inbetween. Are Crocodiles next in the line of great bands we've been lucky enough to experience this year? Or are they symptomatic of an overly saturated genre revival that we might all look back on next year and cringe? Internet debate rages over Crocodiles- why not go discover what you think.


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