Monday, July 12

Janelle Monae

. Monday, July 12

As much as I love The National (see post below) it's a fucking nightmare trying to find a good picture of them. Janelle Monae has the opposite problem, there are too many great images of her online to choose from. I went for this one because everyone loves a good hat.

There is not much to say about Monae that hasn't been said elsewhere but suffice to say 'The Archandroid' is an album you must hear at least once this Summer. Yes it's heavily in debt to the past and the 'concept' is a tad flimsy but as far as pop in 2010 goes this is as classy, clever and fun as it gets. Below is a little widget where you can sample the two stand out tracks from the record alongside a slightly unnecessary but not unwelcome remix.



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