Tuesday, June 15

Maximum Balloon - Tiger

. Tuesday, June 15

Taking time out from his day job in TV On The Radio, Dave Sitek brings us a massive slice of NYC funk via his new project; Maximum Balloon. Starting where TVOTR'S 'Dear Science' left off 'Tiger' is an itchy dance track incorporating the deep, soulful vocals of Dragons Of Zynth man Aku as well as trademark brass parps from Sitek plus some not so trad animal freakout noises. Maximum Balloon (awful name right?) have an album due in August featuring a list of v. unsurprising but still brilliant vocalists such as Karen O, Bradford Cox and a rumoured cameo from David Byrne. Still not convinced? Have a look at how 'Tiger' makes Daisy Lowe feel...

Stream: Maximum Balloon - Tiger


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