Wednesday, June 16

First & Last #16 - Korallreven

. Wednesday, June 16

Korallreven is a two man band out of Sweden but now based in New York. Together they make lazy, hazy dream pop like so many others, the key difference being that they do it the best - by far. I caught up with the band to discuss Larry David, Primal Scream and being on the run from the Swedish police...

Q: First band you ever saw live?

K: Sorry if I sound arrogant but I don’t remember. My memory is not what it was. Maybe this is because I am subconscoiusly preparing for soon going to court for all my lifelong crimes. When I get there I can just say ”I don’t remember” to all those questions about where I was, what I did and how I felt when I did what I did. Actually, I have hard to even remember what to do tomorrow or – most important – today.

What was the first instrument you played as a child?
Violin. I think I was like six years old.

First song you wrote as Korallreven?
Loved-Up. And the second one was The Truest Faith. The third one is called Honey Mine and it’s just so beautiful. You will see.

Where was the last show you played? How did it go? Tell me about the first ever Korallreven show.
I/We/Korallreven haven’t played any shows yet. But we will. For sure. As soon as we feel for it. It feels like it’s important to follow your feelings. The same thing with pictures. We will have some taken as soon as we feel for it. Some might think that we are anonymous pale inside people. This is funny. Cause we are outsiders in its most literal sense. We love to be outside. You will see as soon as you see our summer skins.

First time you met your band mate(s)?
That was in Malmö in the very south of Sweden like seven years ago or so. Oh, Malmö, so famous for being so close to Copenhagen. Luckily, Daniel now lives in Stockholm and I in New York – the funniest and sunniest city in the world.

Last film you saw…Woody Allen’s and Larry David’s Whatever Works. As pretty pretty pretty pretty good as when first saw it at the cinemas some summer ago.

First album you ever bought?
The first one I remember – and though what you don’t remember has never happened – is Screamadelica.

First crush on a famous person?
The one that I am with now.

Last time you swore...
Fuckin’ dont remember…


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