Thursday, May 27

Major Lazer/ La Roux - Houstatlantavegas Pains feat. Drake

. Thursday, May 27

For all the talk of La Roux's hair, family, 80's nostalgia or her voice the one things people seemed to miss was just how heartbroken she sounds when she sings. Currently riding a wave of success Stateside, La Roux has teamed up with Diplo for the server crashingly popular mixtape Lazerproof and whilst, as expected, much of it brings a tropical tilt to Elly's angst-pop it is this re-working of 'Grwoing Pains' that leaps out that bit more. Spying the fragile bravado behind the harsh exterior of La Roux this delicate remix strips back the bouncing synths and lays things bare. A scene stealing cameo from Drake and a tear stained Jackson vocal later and you have a good song re-defined as a great one.



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