Tuesday, April 13

Words with... Best Coast

. Tuesday, April 13

This might be the worst interview I've ever done. Best Coast is the Mark E. Smith to my Lauren Laverne, the Nick Cave to my Zane Lowe. Still love her though and can't wait to check the band out in May...

Please describe who Best Coast are to someone who has maybe not heard of you before?
Gloomy love songs about boys inspired by the sun and the 60s

Have you been in bands before BC? Yes

Where in America do you hail from? Do you think living there influences your songwriting? Los Angeles. Yes the weather and my house influence me a lot.

You post a lot of 60's music on your blog. Is that your favourite era for music? Yes.

Why is it that girl groups like The Chantels and The Ronnettes strike a chord with punkier bands like yourselves, Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls? I think there is something special about that music and we have all notices that and we've all added our own modern twist to our music.

How many Best Coast releases have there been so far? One solo tape and 5 7 inches
What is the next release you have planned? A 7" for a headphone company called eskachue
You're touring the States with Vivian Girls. Are they old friends of yours? We toured the west coast with them in feb. I've known Cassie since I was 15 and ali and Katy have since become close friends of mine

Do you have plans to visit the UK? Yes in May

Are you working on/ recording an album at the moment? We finished recording our record last month.

What are your musical dreams and ambitions? Take my cat on tour with me, play on the moon.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2010? Smoke weed everyday.



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