Tuesday, April 13

First & Last #9 - Mele

. Tuesday, April 13

Mele hails from Liverpool and is a crazily talented young producer. Already signed up to Sinden's label Grizzly he's remixing pop starlets as well as his own mix of two step and garage, and he's just turned 18. Making us all feel old here are Mele's first and lasts...

First band you ever saw live? The Prodigy when I was about 12 or 13, before this I was a strictly hip-hop only fan, The Prodigy basically made me go and explore electronic music, nothing touches their first album, amazing

What was the first instrument you played as a child? I played a guitar for about 2 weeks and got bored of it.

First track you wrote as Mele? It was either a remix I did for shab ruffcut called hustler, or a tune called cranky. both done around this time last year. I went under a couple other names before Melé though, nothing serious.

Where was the last show you played? How did it go? That was for my good mates at Sumo in Portsmouth last sunday, its fun whenever im down there!

First album you ever bought? Dr Dre 2001, when i was about 9? I begged my mum to buy me it, I cant believe she actually did!

Last time you were drunk was... I've only been legally aloud to drink about a week, I was a bit drunk last weekend.

First crush on a famous person... I never remember stuff like that!

The last band you saw live recently? I havent really saw any live bands recently, the last was kasabian sometime last year they where amazing!

Tell me about the first ever Mele live performance - It was awful, there where about 2 people there including the bar staff.

Last time you swore... About a minute ago

Last film you saw... Harry Potter. Big film!

MP3: Count and Sinden - Strange Things (Mele Remix)
Mele @ Myspace


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