Friday, April 16

Thom Yorke// Crystal Castles// Ryan Jarman

. Friday, April 16

More seems to have happened today than I usually get through in a week but here are a few more things to see you through the weekend. First up there is a brand new radio rip of the new Crystal Castles single 'Celestica' which sees Alice's torn vocals honeyed up and kicking out some nice melodies.(via Scottish Friction)

Next up is Ryan Jarman covering girlfriend Kate Nash's new single 'Doo-Wah-Do'. This reminds me of the song The Cribs recorded for their second album on Scarborough beach where I am from so it's all right by me (also I'm a shameless hit whore and Cribs fans are obsessive/ legion)

Finally 'Atoms For Peace' or as everyone will actually call them 'Thom Yorke's band' covered Love Will Tear Us Apart in LA last night. It sounded like this:



Anonymous said...

well, I can't help listening to Celestica - that is going to be huge. That is the crossover hit they were threatening to make.

Daniel said...

I'm a total Cribs fanboy as well but the original song is pretty cringe to being with and Ryan covering just sounds and feels plain wrong.

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