Tuesday, April 6

Sunday Girl Vs Diplo - Four Floors

. Tuesday, April 6

Backed by everyone from Popjustice and the man behind The Saturdays to blogwagon jumpers like myself, Sunday Girl is currently burning a very bright trail indeed. Much like fellow pop princess in waiting Florrie, S.G has been teamed up with a 'cool' name, a sort of credibility giver. Diplo is making 2010 his own right now, first he turned Coco and Robyn inside out and his production on the new Rolo Tomassi album (Interview coming soon) is reputation changing.

Here he takes a feather lite pop vocal and drags it through the dirt. Reminiscent of Joker's re-rub of SMD and B. Ditto's 'Cruel Intentions' these are four floors worth climbing...



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