Tuesday, January 5

NME Radar Mixtape

. Tuesday, January 5

I don't know about you but I'm a big fan of NME and their new music section is as great as ever right now. To celebrate the start of a new decade there is a mixtape of the mags tips available from NME.com. In a nod to 1986 and all things lo-fi the tape (download/ whatever) is titled C010 and features great names such as Washed Out, Surfer Blood, Frankie & The Heartsrings. Check the blog in the not too distant future for interviews with all of those names plus a few more from this mix.



Phil said...

Quality mixtape - the NME is certainly flawed at times but that Jaimie Hodgson bloke has worked wonders with the Radar section; without a doubt the highlight of the magazine each week!

Anonymous said...

What's the track that comes out as Track 7 on itunes?

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