Thursday, January 21

Meet: Smith Westerns

. Thursday, January 21

The list of albums I missed in 2009 is a bit too long really. Chiefly I'm currently listening to Cold Cave, Atlas Sound, St Vincent and Smith Western's debut.

For some reason I was mixing SW up with First Aid Kit, another young band but one who make nice but not my thing folk music. Smith Western's on the other hand specialise in ramshackle, bratty punk shanty's that are way more mature than their tender years.

The cover to the bands album is the world famous Nirvana sleeve for 'Nevermind' flipped over and spliced with a painting. You could maybe make a tenuous link between twisting rock icons and giving them a fresh outlook and Smith Western's but I'll just leave the music to do the talking.

MP3: Smith Western's - 'Be My Girl'


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