Monday, January 4

Introducing: 2010

. Monday, January 4

So you’ve all seen the ‘Tips For 2010’ lists and there are some great names who keep popping up on them. From Joy Orbison to The Drums there will be some great debut albums coming out over the next twelve months. Not wanting to miss out on all the fun I’ve compiled a tips list with a slight difference. Rather than rounding up all the names who have the biggest record deals and most persistent PR campaigns (Yeah we get it, Ellie Goulding will be huge) I’m going to ‘adopt’ five bands for this year and follow them at every level. Like Morrissey’s girls some of them are bigger than others but I’m confident all will finish the year having released barn storming singles and albums, played amazing gigs and generally having added to the year a great deal more than Delphic and Sting’s daughter ever will.


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