Friday, May 29

Sister site.

. Friday, May 29

I've never known what to do with videos on this blog. Just posting them amongst all the reviews and interviews seems out of place and trying to dissect them or look at them in any way seems to be missing the point. So I've set up a new blog where all I will do is post videos, it's already jam-packed with stuff from Jamie T, Patrick Wolf, Bat For Lashes, Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Florence and The Machine and I'l try update it daily with new videos, live performances, interview etc.

So have a gander at the blog(LINK), follow it, link it, blog it, boomark it. Whatever.

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Jamie said...

I'll be following this!
I've been trying to find you on twitter/facebook to thank you for passing on MFM's details to Andy Day for the Gigwise blog scheme, but you seem to have disappeared from the face of the internet.
But anyway, thankyou big time!!

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