Friday, May 29

Questions with... The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

. Friday, May 29

First album you ever bought?
Kip: "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot
Alex: Megadeth, "Symphony of Destruction"
Peggy: "Like a Prayer" by Madonna

Last album you bought?
Kip: Roxy Music "Avalon"
Alex: Bill Callahan "Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle"

First gig you went to?
Kip: It was probably a local pop punk show...
Alex: Mine was definitely also a local punk/ska/hardcore show. My first SHOW-show was beastie boys and tribe called quest at madison sq. garden. biz markie came out and sang "bennie and the jets." it was amazing.
Peggy: Suzanne Vega. She played at the college my dad works at.

Favourite venue to watch a band?
Kip: Cake Shop
Alex: Bowery Ballroom
Peggy: Cake Shop

Band member with the worst habits?
Kip: It's probably me. I often sleep fully clothed.
Alex: Kurt likes to habitually flick my ears. Not sure if that qualifies.
Peggy: Hmm, I don't feel like any of us have annoying habits really.

What single thing would improve life in a band?
Peggy: A personal trainer.

Whose career do you most admire?
Kip: Meg Ryan
Alex: Shaquille O'Neal
Peggy: St. Francis

Favourite new band?
Kip: Zaza
Alex: Girls
Peggy: So Cow

Favourite band on your label?
Kip: Crystal Stilts (present), Rocketship (past)
Alex: caUSE co-MOTION!
Peggy: Black Tambourine.

....... is underrated.
Kip: The Manhattan Love Suicides
Alex: Benoit Pioulard
Peggy: Friday Night Lights (the TV show)

....... is overrated.
Kip: Us
Alex: Tracy Mcgrady
Peggy: Lord of the Rings

The best and worst things about being in a band are?
Kip: Honestly, everything is positive. Getting to travel with your best friends and play music-- nothing could be possibly better.
Alex: Best is moments like smiling at your good friends next to you on stage as some kids crowdsurf right in front of you. Worst is... maybe ringing ears after band practice?
Peggy: Best is playing shows, meeting awesome people, getting to go to places I would never go otherwise. Worst is...feeling self-conscious sometimes about being in the spotlight.

As a teenager the posters on your bedroom wall were of....
Kip: Well, I had a Belle and Sebastian Tigermilk poster and a Suede "Sci Fi Lullabies" poster i really liked.
Alex: Random comic book heroes my brother put up, flyers from local punk shows and some Sports Illustrated for Kids foldouts (Elway? Why?)
Peggy: I had a Sonic Youth "experimental trash and no star" poster, a Lemonheads poster, a Pauly Shore poster, and a Blue Meanies poster (I had no idea who the Blue Meanies were, I just liked their name).

...... makes us laugh.
Kip: Peep Show
Alex: Tim & Eric
Peggy: A good pun.

City you would most like to visit?
Kip: Glasgow
Alex: Tokyo
Peggy: Berlin.

The last great thing we saw online was...
Kip: Susan Boyle
Alex: Everything on
Peggy: Really angry cat -

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Kip: Orange Juice
Peggy: Never got into either, quite frankly.

Prince or Michael Jackson?
Kip: Prince. When I was six i always tried to get my mom to put makeup and bandanas on me so i could pretend to be Prince. Also, Purple Rain is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
Peggy: That's a hard one. The 6-year-old version of me says Michael Jackson. But I think now I'd go with Prince.

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