Monday, February 16

Words with... MC Rut

. Monday, February 16

Why did being in three or four pieces not work for you?

We put 10,000 fliers up in the sacramento area looking for members to join this band. Not one person responded. Been around that scene for a long time... think we exhausted most of the people in it. only way to move forward was to move forward as the two of us

Who are your favourite bands of all time?

Another Bad Creation, Das FX, Ghetto Boys, Chub Rock

How would you describe the relationship between the two of you?

Very rocky

How do you find UK audiences in comparision to US ones?

In the UK we found an audience. Spent a lotta years playing to no one in the US up until recently. Sacramentos been good to us, cant beat that crowd. UK you find a lot of people who travel a long ways to see shows. Keeps things feeling alive. Reminds you that people still wanna see live music

What are your hopes for the year?

That im able to find a laundrette before we leave this country. It's been a long time and the rain isn't helping things

Will you be releasing an album in 2009?

Yeah thats the plan. Been releasing a lot of shit in the past couple years. all independently. now that we have a label that will help distribute records, it'll give us a chance to reach more people. starting the record very soon, hope to get it out later this year.

Do you know how you want it to sound?Any producers in mind?

We want it to sound similar to how most of what we've done has sounded. we've always done everything ourselves and are able to capture what we set out for that way. hoping to get a record out that stays consistent with that feeling

What do you see as the biggest problems facing the world are?

The song that Chris Cornell just released with Timbaland is by far the worst thing ive heard in a long time

Describe the MC Rut live show:

lotta drinks before hand, lotta complaining onhand. few things might break, guitars will be too loud/ depends on the city though really

If you could banish one band from the world who would it be?

I wouldnt. most the bad shit out there makes the rest seem better

Finally, where can we see you on tour?

Just finished a UK tour with Inner Party System, in a day we do a few dates around London with Ida Maria then do a string of European dates with the bronx before we go home. Be back in Europe in May

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