Friday, February 13

Valentine's Day Playlist

. Friday, February 13

So tomorrow's the big day, the official Hallmark day of romance- Valentine's Day. Has everyone got someone to send a card? Anyone planning any big gestures? A proposal? Anyone ever been dumped on Valentines? I ask as if I care, I don't really but this is a good opportunity to make a playlist. Below is the ultimate Boring By The Sea Valentine's Mix. You can listen to it on Spotify by clicking here or tell me what is missing by leaving a comment.

  • Bright Eyes- 'Lua' (I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning)
  • Cat Power- 'Sea Of Love' (The Covers Record)
  • Friendly Fires- 'Paris' (Friendly Fires)
  • Laura Marling- 'New Romantic' (Demo)
  • Outkast- 'Ms Jackson' (Stankonia)
  • Radiohead- 'No Surprises' (O.K Computer)
  • Regina Spektor- 'Us (Soviet Kitsch)
  • The Maccabees- 'First Love' (Colour It In)
  • The Cure- 'Inbetween Days' (The Head On The Door)
  • Those Dancing Days- 'Hitten' (Those Dancing Days)
  • TV On The Radio- 'Staring At The Sun' (Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Bastards)
  • Weezer- 'Say It Ain't So' (Weezer)
  • Eugene McGuinness- 'A Girl My Eyes Shine For' (The Early Learnings Of...)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah's- 'Maps' (Fever To Tell)
  • The Smiths- 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' (The Queen Is Dead)

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SLICE magazine said...

Great list. I'm on bored.

Laura said...

Lua, Maps and Us are epic choices But if you're going with weezer it's got to be 'hold me'...

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