Friday, February 27

Spinnerette- Ghetto Love EP

. Friday, February 27

Brody Dalle is back. Best known as the front woman of LA Riot Grrrl pop punks The Distillers Dalle has more recently set up home with Queens Of The Stone Age’s resident brute Josh Homme and given birth to their first child. Far from mellowing and getting lost in Mother Care Brody has instead returned under a new guise and with a renewed sense of purpose. There will no doubt, be talk of how Spinnerette is more ‘mature’ and how the past few years have affected the music Dalle makes. However on the evidence of ‘Ghetto Love’ that’s simply not true. There is just as much energy on a track like ‘Valium Nights’ as there was on the whole ‘Coral Fang’ album five years ago, what has changed is that Brody has got her groove on. Where The Distillers wanted to show you how hard they were Spinnerette are more relaxed and seductive, they’ve still got bruised knuckles but they know which punches to throw and when to hold back. Take the EP title track ‘Ghetto Love’ for example, it has a big rolling bassline with scratchy guitars snapping at its ankles throughout. Dalle’s vocal delivery is less chaotic and now has a smooth and melodic approach, singing a baby to sleep has clearly given her vocal chords time to relax but as the track ends to a series of shrieks you know who you’re listening to.

Dalle claims that Spinnerette is her and “Whichever musicians she is playing with at the time” however this EP was written and recorded with Alain Johannes of Queens Of The Stone Age and Jack Irons who has worked with Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. QOTSA’s influence is evident with how big everything sounds and the stoner paced ‘Bury My Heart’ sounding as if it could have come straight from ‘Rated R’. As the members of Spinnerette change between the live set-up and the writing team one thing stays the same and that is Brody Dalle- we wait with bated breath to see where she takes this vehicle next.


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