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Air France- 'No Way Down'

. Friday, February 27

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Air France (Joel and Henrik) arrive on a wave of hyperbole and big praise from the likes of Pitchfork and Rough Trade. ‘No Way Down’ first emerged in 2008 and enamoured all who heard it, these ears included. It is only now in the third month of 2009 that ‘No Way Down gets a physical release. With such credible names behind them the potential to be a let down would be a real possibility but in ‘No Way Down’ they have delivered a confident and impressive piece of work. For the uninitiated Air France are a shoegaze/ dance inspired band in the same vein as M83, Cut Copy or The Tough Alliance. If the words ‘chilled out’ weren’t so vile they would be the perfect description for how ‘No Way Down Sounds’. It’s dreamy and melancholic, relaxing and tranquil.

They can shift up a gear too as the singles prove. ‘Collapsing At Your Doorstep’ and ‘No Excuses’ make good use of keyboards, loops and synths that whilst not creating club bangers certainly get feet tapping and the mind imagining a beach, a bonfire and very little worries. ‘No Excuses’ is particularly nice with it’s almost Balearic sound and Avalanches-esque vocal effects.

It is important to point out that ‘No Way Down’ is something of a catch-up release and not an album proper. It comprises the two Air France EP’s ‘One Trade Winds EP’ and ‘No Way Down EP’. Whilst this causes no great problems for those with prior knowledge the breaks between the two sides are obvious to hear.

Beyond minor gripes however ‘No Way Down’ remains a fine body of work. ‘Beach Party’ and ‘Karbien’ contribute towards a fine latter half of the LP with tropical rhythms exploding into light and tribal beats raining down. ‘No Way Down’ may not cause a stir in your gut or drive you to change the world but it achieves what it sets out to. So don’t delay things any further, go get lost in Air France.


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I've been in love with this EP for so long now.

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