Wednesday, February 4

Official Secrets Act & The Bishops album reviews

. Wednesday, February 4

To bastardize a well worn football cliché this really is an album of two halves. ‘Understanding Electricity’ kicks off in a full blown, sugar rush of romanticism and force with indie pop gems threatening to explode at any minute. ‘Mainstream’ and ‘So Tomorrow’ have a tasty knack of sounding like a thousand songs you have heard before yet not exactly like one in particular. Their sing song choruses and light catchiness renders them big winners and album highlights. ‘The Girl From The BBC’ is a similarly excellent moment of pop purity. However around the halfway mark OSA decide to slow things down, pace tempo and indeed the listener’s interest. The result is a slew of mid-tempo tracks plodding along, each one waning the desires for another.


Anyone who heard retro revivalists The Bishops eponymous debut in 2007 will take their claims that they have modernised on album number two with a pinch of salt. Hilariously stating Last Shadow Puppets as an example of having got up to date it’s immediately clear that maybe they haven’t moved on. Well they have moved on a bit from sounding like they come from 1963, sadly they have got no further than 1964. Jangly choruses and sweet harmonies run throughout The Bishops music and none of the songs outstay their welcome but you can’t help feeling you could have it so much better by investigating the back catalogues of their influences. Sadly now ITV have axed it The Bishops can never realise their true potential- becoming Heartbeats house band.


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