Thursday, February 5

Emmy The Great- 'First Love'

. Thursday, February 5

Emmy Moss released her first single almost three years ago. Finally her debut LP is complete and ready for release. 'First Love' is a beautiful and intimate open diary that is as truthful as it is brittle. The visible rib cage and heart on the album cover is a good visualisation of the records core. It's honest, raw and not afraid to shout about it.

'Shout' is perhaps not the best word as Emmy's voice is peaceful and calming of tone but rich with warmth and history. It carries the opening hush of 'Absentee' and '24' beautifully before soaring on previous single 'We Almost Had A Baby'.

It remains a worry that by waiting such a long time Emmy The Great has missed the boat. It certainly seems that perhaps the wait does not match the result as a series of mono paced songs trickle by and at time have you yearning for Laura Marling. At thirteen songs long the album is stretched beyond its means.

There are strong tracks here though. 'First Love' takes 'Hallelujah' and makes it a fun lark as opposed to it's masochistic roots. 'MIA' is a fragile citadel, delightful and charming whilst 'Bad Things Coming' finally sees things shift up a gear and become exciting.

Despite a late flurry you can't help feeling that all of this is too little, too late. Had we heard this 18 months ago it could have been great- now we just rue what could have been.


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Little Power said...

Interesting take David. I'm yet to hear the full thing myself so I cant offer my view, but you make an interesting point about the time delay and missing an opportunity.

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