Tuesday, January 27

Introducing... Telegraphs

. Tuesday, January 27

Hailing from Brighton perhaps it's a lazy comparison but Telegraphs certainly do sound more than a bit like Blood Red Shoes. As you can probably guess though I'm more than a bit fond of BRS and Telegraph's homage comes with enough twists to keep the lawyers at bay.

Favouring epic post-rock with occasional metal moments Telegraphs are an intriguing bunch. Their sound is a frantic blend of influences with early Biffy Clyro and Pretty Girls Make Graves mixed with some Smashing Pumpkins prominant in the future single 'I Don't Navigate By You'.

Telegraphs are touring the country from late January through February. Catch them before every Kerrang reader is claiming them as their favourite new band.

'I Don't Navigate By You'




Anonymous said...

they sound nothing like us.

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