Wednesday, January 28

Dead Man's Bone's- Too ghoul for school.

. Wednesday, January 28

We all know Hollywood and music don't mix. It's a heady egotistical cocktail that ends in disaster nine times out of ten. Sometimes though an intriguing enough proposition comes along to make you almost forget about Russel Crowe or Keanau Reeves ever even picked up a guitar.

Dead Man's Bones is the work of Zach Shields and Ryan Gosling, the latter being the star of Lars and The Real Girl and Half Nelson. Intead of calling in favours and acting like Bon Jovi, Shields and Gosling have set up their own label, Werewolf Heart, and recruited a childs choir for their album, 'Never Let A Lack Of Talent Get You Down'. The kids add their innocent vocals to Shield's and Gosling's dark baroque pop, their voices offering a sweet alternative to the men's barratone vocals. The whole project has a creepy aura surrounding it too, in the video for 'In The Room Where You Sleep' the kids are dressed up in goulish attire like they are trick or treating on a Nick Drake curated Halloween.

Initially Dead Man's Shoes was going to be a musical theatre production and that is clear in the vivid and dramatic sounds the band are producing. However as the stage ideas evaporated the songs didn't and Shields, Gosling and the choir began rehearsing and recording together on Sunday afternoons. Strict rules such as no autotune and a maximum of three takes on a song were put in place to ensure the album was as raw and truthful as possible. To freshen up the touring process the pair want to use a different school choir from every town where they play a show.

Dead Man's Shoes hope to release their album in June and use Werewolf Heart to work with sculptor Adam Ganson and the team behind Robot Chicken on the bands video's as well as releasing material from The Goat, a band of professional skaters.

'In The Room Where You Sleep'




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