Monday, January 19

Introducing... Still Flyin'

. Monday, January 19

Still Flyin' could be the best band in the world right now or quite easily the worst- I just can't decide. Here's a list of pros and cons regarding the Californian band.


  • Their songs have a youthful sense of abandon I haven't been this excited about since the early Los Campesinos demos.
  • They don't sound like anybody else I can think of.
  • They are signed to Moshi Moshi who never release bad records.
  • 'Good Thing It's A Ghost Town' has one of the best videos I've seen in ages.
  • There's about a million of them, dragging up long supressed memories of Polyphonic Spree
  • It's impossible to find a photo of them where they don't look like a bunch of supply teachers.
  • In terms of being twee they make Belle and Sebastian look like Slayer.
Make your own minds up, the video for 'Good Thing' is below.

Still Flyin' Myspace



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