Monday, January 19

Introducing... Empire Of The Sun

. Monday, January 19

Look at that picture above. Really give it a good look and then tell me when you last saw something as ridiculous. You can't can you? No, that's because Empire Of The Sun are perhaps the most extravagant peacocks to hit music in years. Named after J.G. Ballards novel and comprising members of The Sleepy Jackson and Pnau EOTS are picking up the baton of psychadelic prog-pop from MGMT and running with it.

Less inclined to acid-fried campfire sing alongs than MGMT, Empire... deal solely with the big anthems such as 'Walking On A Dream' the bands current single. It has the knack of sounding like a classic as soon as you hear it, a few times it has popped up on shuffle and I have assumed it was from a band from the 70's and not the modern day. With a high concpet mixed with fun sing along choruses Empire Of The Sun could be onto a winner here.

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