Sunday, January 11

Introducing... Little Comets

. Sunday, January 11

If the cold weather and the even colder political state we live in is starting to get you down then maybe Little Comets are the answer*. Deliciously unhinged and permenantly smiling the band hail from Newcastle and make music that bounces, shakes and all those words that mean 'it's big fun music so dance and smile yeah?"

Little Comets are here to make people tap their feet and make involuntary hip movements in their bedrooms. There is a single, 'One Night In October', that has been receiving daytime Radio 1 airplay and could easily see the band laying waste to indie dancefloors the country over. The band tour in March too, beginning in Edinburgh on the 15th before ending in Manchester on the 27th. It promises to be an evening of care-free good times, you'd be a fool to miss it.

*I am in no way suggesting the economy would improve if we all started listening to fun indie bands.



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