Sunday, January 11

Introducing... Catherine A.D

. Sunday, January 11

Catherine A.D is a young female singer working with Bernard Butler but please don't let that put you off. Rather than the Stars In Your Eyes approximation of Dusty Springfield that was Duffy Miss AD is an altogether more haunted proposition. A real juxtaposition of an artist she is one of the emerging artists in residence at the Southbank Centre whilst at the same time revered by Courtney Love who described her as having a , "gorgeous, sick, beautiful voice."

Her music is a rich tapestry of peaceful mourning, a sound to wash over you serenely before dragging you under gasping for air. The one track previewed on Myspace is the delightful 'Carry Your Heart' a brooding and intense slice of what Catherine AD is all about, dramatic and passionate without ever losing an ear for the melody. Anyone wanting to hear more can find the beautifully packaged 'Carry Your Heart EP' online.

Catherine is currently working on her debut album which promises to be a dark and intriguing listen.





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