Tuesday, November 18

Introducing... Violens/ Amazing Baby

. Tuesday, November 18

Anyone with the misfortune to catch MGMT on their recent UK jaunt will probably be busy seeking full refunds and a thorough irrigation of the head after all the shit that was pumped in their during the show. However, there is a point to this rant, they will have been witness to two very fine support acts in Violens and Amazing Baby- who unlike MGMT have more than two good songs to their name.

Violens first then (Pronounced ‘Vy-Lens’) craft a fine blend of melodic rock with grinding guitars and finely crafted choruses soaring a top the sonic waves. With My Bloody Valentine-esque walls of sound driving it ‘Lightning Lightning’ is a grand pop epic with a fine blend between the drone and the anthem. ‘Doomed’ is the flip side however with flowery whimsy replacing the big slabs of controlled feedback. With the Kinks sense of a chorus wrapped in an eccentric blanket it shows an enticing second dimension to Violens.

Amazing Baby the other hand take the term eclectic and take it on a world tour to broaden its horizons. Spending time in the bands audio presence is like channel hopping or hitting shuffle on your Ipod, dark prog pop becomes brooding electronic gloom which in turn flicks to ethereal floating soul. What they all have in common however is the fine sense of song craft that runs through the band. Check out ‘Head Dress’ and ‘Pump Your Brakes’ for evidence.

Further evidence that all the good music as 2008 rolls into 2009 Amazing Baby and Violens both call New York home. We’d pack a bag and move there tomorrow if we didn’t suspect the bands will spend next year taking over the whole planet.



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