Tuesday, November 18

How To Revive Top Of The Pops.

. Tuesday, November 18

It’s just plain wrong that there is not a mainstream, relevant and popular music programme on prime time BBC television. If as reports are to be believed and TOTP will be brought back in 2009 they need to completely overhaul the whole show in order for it to be a success. Here’s what I arrogantly suggest.

  • It needs to be on Thursdays at 8pm, there’s no point doing it on a Friday when people are going to be out. BBC1 currently shows The Peoples Hospital in this time slot- nobody is going to miss that.

  • Broadcast live. It will weed out the mimers and fakers and create a less staged atmosphere.

  • It can’t be a major labels mouthpiece. Mix up the big name acts with smaller lesser known performers. Also don’t just book people who are plugging a release the following Monday. There is nothing worse than seeing the same people on every single TV show.

  • Have experimental bands juxtaposing the established names. "That was Leona Lewis, now Rolo Tomassi". It works on Jools Holland, people are not as conservative as you might think.

  • Have a presenter who actually cares about what they are presenting. That means no to George Lamb, Alexa Chung, Nick Grimshaw, Alex Zane and in particular Fearne Cotton. Irreverent T4 style is beyond frustrating. A show that’s passionate about music needs to be fronted y someone who is excited to be at every single recording.

  • Embrace the 21st century. Make the show interactive, cross platform and build a sense of an online community. Maybe have a public vote between 3 bands, whoever wins gets to play the following weeks show.

  • Forget about the chart rundown format. Nobody cares about the charts anymore. By all means end the show with the number 1 of the week but beyond that it really is irrelevant.
Nirvana on TOTP.



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